Hello readers,

My name is Yolanda Jenkins, author of Big Sister Secrets. Big Sister Secrets is a book/guide for the real world. The book share my real life experiences from high school to adulthood in chapters of information on Relationships, Credit, and Career Choices.  I created this blog because what you don’t know will hurt you. If only I had someone to guide me through life I could have avoided credit problems, career changes, and financial hardship. I am humbled by my experiences now I am a author, inspiration speaker, I have a career with two LLC’s and I would love the opportunity to become your “Big Sister” to guide you through life challenges. This blog will give you up- to- date information on real life issues. Go through the blog if there is a topic you need help with leave a comment and I will discuss your issue! I am a loving fiancé with Three love bugs who keep me young. Throughout my life I have ran into so many issues  from personal to business so you can learn a thing or two, read on readers and leave comments on your issue and together we will conquer life.