Have you ever imagined how your life would be if someone would have told you how the real world really operates? I know I do, I have no regrets but it would have been nice if I had the necessary tools and resources needed when I graduated high school entering my adult life. In this book, you will learn just that how to survive in the world as a young adult leaving high school entering the career/college life. As your “Big Sister”, I will share my life experiences on topics such as college, careers, entrepreneurship, relationships and establishing a good credit history among other important life skills. I will also guide you by sharing the secrets to success, love and happiness. This read has a lot of ah moments, and useful tips and advice that only a “Big Sister” would share!  My vision for you is to learn from my mistakes and accomplishments, for less bumps and forks in your road to a successful and a long healthy, happy life. This book is for all young men and woman who want a head start towards your future. Parents, “Big Sisters,” Teachers, Big Brothers, and Mentors get this book as a resource to lead your “protege.”.